The devastation of confinement on children with difficulties: confinement and mental health, is there a happy medium?

Recently, when I was doing conferences and workshops, I have noticed that many parents are concerned about the mental health of their children in difficulty which is growing due to the confinement. Growing anxiety among young people, overwork for parents … especially those with autism, physical disorders and behavioral disorders (ADHD: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) to name a few. They bear a heavy burden of mental health. If young people who are without handicap already suffer from confinement, how much more do they! What to do, what support do they have? Financial aid certainly, but moral aid and constant support are absent. But how to deal with it? It is true that for children with special needs it is really painful for them to be locked up for that long. Those with hyperactivity cannot sit still and concentrate. They cannot sit there for many hours doing nothing. It is important for us to prepare for these eventualities and times by being proactive, that we reserve for times of distress and containment. Let’s rethink family life in a different way. Let’s buy them stress tools such as stress balls, rubber bands … so that they can take care of it and concentrate. We had to have them constantly at home because the virus is not yet permanently eradicated, and periods of containment can always return depending on the progression of cases. But what we must not forget dear parents is that it is first and foremost a matter of physical health which goes hand in hand with mental health. Can you be sick and have strong mental health? Oh no, the constraints of life often force us to make difficult choices, but beneficial and make no mistake, so is life, to be or not to be. It’s always a matter of choice. We have to watch our children with online classes.

At the same time doing your work online, which is not easy. What is more, children with needs are extremely demanding in terms of monitoring and care depending on the form of the anomaly. Especially those lacking in autonomy. But let us spare the time and the effort for them, because it will be the catastrophe if in addition, we have to watch over the COVID 19 which they will have caught. I know you are great and exceptional parents. In fact, to exceptional children of exceptional parents. You are to be congratulated. And sometimes you say to yourself that you are worth it. Be their number one allies, their pillar. Talk to them; do not break the chain of communication, this is your strength and your anchor point. This is how you can keep your head and theirs out of the water.

Above all, always teach them to keep their distance and respect barrier measures because many people believe that being vaccinated saves them from catching the virus or spreading it. It’s too little to know what it means to take a vaccine. The euphoria of the summer, the strolls in the supermarkets must always be supervised and controlled otherwise instead of their mental health we will manage not only physical health but mental health as well.

Published by Btit Ngkobe Education Consulting

Je suis Lucienne Beatrice Koua Dubé, Administratrice du blog Parents enfants a besoins particuliers. Après des études es de droit au Cameroun mon pays d'origine, J'obtiens ma licence en droit et sciences politiques en 1996 et ma maitrise option droit des affaires en 1998. Ma passion pour la défense des personnes vulnérables est tellement poussée que je choisi de faire le métier d'avocat let j'en fait mon cheval de troie. je poursuis en même me temps mes études es de 2e cycle à l’université de Nantes ou j'obtient en 2007 mon diplôme en droit de l'homme (DUDF en droits fondamentaux). Ma soif de connaissance ne s’arrêtera pas là . Je m'inscrit en 2011 à l’Université de Soa au Cameroun en vu de la préparation de ma thèse doctorat en lien avec la défense des droits des mineurs dans des procès et quitte définitivement mon pays Le Cameroun pour le Canada. Devenue enseignante, je me passionne pour la cause des enfants ayant des difficultés et me spécialise dans ledit domaine afin de démontrer que ces enfants sont capables et plein de potentialités et qu'il suffit de les booster pour qu'ils atteignent leur plein potentiel afin de cheminer vers un avenir certain. Je consulte, fais des suivis individuels et apporte des conseils par des articles pouvant aider mes followers. J'apporte des conseils aux parents aux adolescents en quête de soutien. J'enseigne les méthodes éducatives qui leur sont adaptées et bénéfiques pour leur apprentissages. J'oriente vers écoles, ressources adéquates, voir immigration. je fais du suivi individuel, j'écris des articles pouvant les aider a mieux appréhender l'avenir. je sensibilise les personnes contre la stigmatisation.

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