Virtual life: what about our special children?

Life has been slowing down for over a year now. And for many months now our classes are empty. Why? Because a disease plagues the world. And this disease that we believe started with its year continues to take its toll. What will it become? Covid-19 – Covid-20 or Covid-21? When will it end? One wonders, the government or governments and health organizations are fighting to find solutions. But then I cannot imagine the daily life of parents and children with special needs. Do any of them really cares about our particular needs? It definitely isn’t  easy. It’s always best though to be turning difficult situations into moments of joy. It is certainly difficult under these trying conditions. But as the French say: “Qui veut peut”, (who wants, can)

Our friends have ideas for follow-up. Try to put them to work and you’d be surprised at the results. They are resourceful and handle tablets and IT tools better than we do. Regulate and you will be delighted. Just don’t let them get addicted to it. They have a resilience capacity like no other. The use of virtual is nothing new to them. Most start their lives very early with this tool. And for certain categories of anomaly like non-verbal people, the virtual is part of their daily life.

Let’s learn from them. Let us avoid prejudice and be kind enough to recognize that they are better equipped than we are in this area. Their life has always been a confinement. Misunderstood because of their diversity. This can often be the reason for their withdrawals into themselves. Let us learn lessons and let ourselves be taught by the events of life that remind us that we are like no other humans.

Not only do we have to do everything virtually, the classes by monitoring our children, but also the purchases, the medicine and even the nutrition. Yes, containment has struck again. Yes, it challenges our emotions, one wonders how to deal with the moods of these children who normally do not already feel well. Let us not be surprised that there is a subsequent rise in drugs, suicide, alcoholism among young people. And what about toddlers? They suffocate and attack parents with behavioral crises. Everything is resumed in two words: Mental Health.

Let’s avoid hiding behind our own demons to claim freedom in their name. They know how to do it. But can we?

Dear parents, let us seek out and find time for our dear children, take them out after school. Take walks around the blocks: it will be good for them. Let them in the backyards to enjoy the fresh air and the sweet smell of snow. Create fun games for yourselves: play cards, have pillow battles, get them ready-in-time for online classes. Keep them from losing their routines, play puzzles and Monopoly. In short, avoid making their daily life even more monotonous and painful than it already is.

Published by Btit Ngkobe Education Consulting

Je suis Lucienne Beatrice Koua Dubé, Administratrice du blog Parents enfants a besoins particuliers. Après des études es de droit au Cameroun mon pays d'origine, J'obtiens ma licence en droit et sciences politiques en 1996 et ma maitrise option droit des affaires en 1998. Ma passion pour la défense des personnes vulnérables est tellement poussée que je choisi de faire le métier d'avocat let j'en fait mon cheval de troie. je poursuis en même me temps mes études es de 2e cycle à l’université de Nantes ou j'obtient en 2007 mon diplôme en droit de l'homme (DUDF en droits fondamentaux). Ma soif de connaissance ne s’arrêtera pas là . Je m'inscrit en 2011 à l’Université de Soa au Cameroun en vu de la préparation de ma thèse doctorat en lien avec la défense des droits des mineurs dans des procès et quitte définitivement mon pays Le Cameroun pour le Canada. Devenue enseignante, je me passionne pour la cause des enfants ayant des difficultés et me spécialise dans ledit domaine afin de démontrer que ces enfants sont capables et plein de potentialités et qu'il suffit de les booster pour qu'ils atteignent leur plein potentiel afin de cheminer vers un avenir certain. Je consulte, fais des suivis individuels et apporte des conseils par des articles pouvant aider mes followers. J'apporte des conseils aux parents aux adolescents en quête de soutien. J'enseigne les méthodes éducatives qui leur sont adaptées et bénéfiques pour leur apprentissages. J'oriente vers écoles, ressources adéquates, voir immigration. je fais du suivi individuel, j'écris des articles pouvant les aider a mieux appréhender l'avenir. je sensibilise les personnes contre la stigmatisation.

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